Kyle’s Weight Saving Forks

Nice work kyle. Now im worried for my face. pile of shiv  Read More

What is Your Ninja Name?

Give this one a try for a few laughs, Zukamime  Read More


The calculator shirts are in stock now. Get at Monty to get yours. They are £9 each The person who sends us the most rad picture with the shirt involved using the form on the right will get their image on the products page. And possibly some free stickers if we get some made.  Read More

Call of Duty Banter!

not to stoked on no quick scoping on Black ops (people who dont play COD wont care about this video but watch anyway coz its jokes)  Read More


LOBES & HOES Stickers Tell all your friends about them Peter.  Read More

People = Awesome

ok, so i know a few of these are fake but a lot are real!  Read More

Dan Siviour always out to impress!

Dan Siviour and his finest moments.  Read More

i’ll admit I dont know a lot about skating, but i was shown this edit one time by local shredder Sam Hughes and its stuck in my mind. I thought I would show as we havent had many skate posts on the blog yet.  Read More

Double Rainbow?

And its a local one. A man loving the pile-up action  Read More

Halloween Dancing 101

You saw it here first; the Bernie Dance  Read More